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Healing & Empowerment Mentoring for Women

Welcome to 'Precious Self'.

Take a moment to settle in & make yourself comfortable – consider us your mentor and friend.

We specialise in empowering women through actionable techniques delivered via articles and personalised mentoring over Zoom.

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Our mission? To optimise both your personal and professional life, starting from the inside out.

Whether its nurturing a healthier relationship with yourself, navigating the complexities of dating, marriage, and family dynamics, or breaking free from self-defeating patterns and habits, we're here to guide you to 100% confidence.

We firmly believe personal fulfilment should never be at odds with your professional aspirations. You deserve happiness and the unwavering support of loved ones as you pursue your dreams and goals.


Feel like something's missing or stuck in a rut? Dive into our Plans and Pricing – you've found the perfect place to embark on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

“Precious Self was the missing piece that turned everything around. Before mentoring sessions, my husband wanted to set a date to leave. Now we’re back together making plans and laughing together. I’m treated like a queen and he does anything he can to make me happy – so glad I found Precious Self”.

Emily, Asia Pacific

Areas of Expertise

​Mentoring sessions focus on skills and practical techniques for a happy YOU along with manifesting a happy marriage, life, relationship, career, family, community and society:

  • Relationship with yourself / your beliefs

  • Managing negative thoughts and fears

  • Harnessing, processing and expressing emotions

  • Managing stress / anger

  • Attracting a life partner / Dating

  • Deepening Intimacy

  • Building High Quality, Healthy Relationships

  • Strengthening Emotional Connection

  • Managing Conflict

  • Working With Varied Communication Styles

  • Exploring Love Languages / Attachment Styles

  • Compatibilty / How to explore suitability

  • Creating Positive Behavioural Patterns / Habits

  • Exploring Personality Types (MBTI)

  • Core Values / Boundary Setting

  • Honouring Your Desires, Purpose & Identity

  • Reconnecting to Feminine Energy

  • Understanding Men

Program of online learning coming soon!

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Today, I'm comfortable being me. I feel grounded and aligned, my days, weekends and evenings are peaceful. You'll find me on photography walks in breathtaking national parks. Writing my next big article or swimming in the ocean with my husband and family...
The secret is, that this phase followed a dark past...

Picture a frenetic, bustling city and the weight of high-pressure contract work and stressful friendships and relationships. The world was spinning so fast that I constantly felt off-kilter and self-medicated to cope. Overwhelmed, and broken – especially within my body I developed many health issues...

Grappling with stress-related ailments, IBS, anxiety, and the shadows of depression, my life felt fragile and frantic. It was clear: something had to change. Making the radical decision to slow the hell down and prioritise my well-being became the first chapter.

Retreating to a tranquil sanctuary in a quiet corner of Australia, I immersed myself in a catalogue of research, and courses. therapy, mentorship and experiential programs. Delving deep into Myers-Briggs Personality types, personal heart-centred core values, relationship & intimacy skills, assertiveness, boundaries, self-confidence, embracing nutrition, tending to mental health, and embarking on a journey of healing from past traumas.

This personal quest led me to my calling today: to help women through the power of the written word and mentorship.


Witnessing the transformative stories of our beautiful clients, as they heal, flourish, and uncover the keys to manifesting what truly ignites their souls is the ultimate reward.


"Our mission? To optimise women's personal, professional & relational life, starting from the inside out."

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